Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Me and the Girls after church. I made the leggins for Libby out of adult sezed knee high socks. They keep her nice warm!
Dave leaves for Afghanistan in January. He had to go pick up his gear the other day. I am NOT excited.

Here is Kya's 1 month picture. I can't believe how fast time flies. Dave is going to come back when she is 6 months!
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Kya Is such a sweetheart. Amy sent me this dress a few weeks ago. It is adorable. Thanks Amy!
My brother Trav came to visit us. Libby was so excited to have him here. ( I was just as excited)
Gotta love it when the kids are old enough to help around the house.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Here we are waiting in the crowded street to go through security check for Obama's big speech in Baltimore
Here is the stage where Obama gave his speech. This crowd was a very fun and crazy group of people. We were entertained just waiting for Obama's big moment. Unfortunalty Libby was not! We had to leave early because she got to cold and would not stop crying.
This is my Brother Travis. He surprised me by coming out here to MD without me knowing for my birthday. It was so AWESOME!!
Here is Dave and I at the white house. We were lucky enough to get on the grounds of the white house to see him land in Marine #1 and make his last walk into the white house as the President of the USA. Pretty cool!
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Friday, December 26, 2008

This was our first Christmas away from family. It was sad to not be home, but thankfully we have made some very great friends out here in Maryland so we have been celebrating the holidays with them. These are some pictures we took Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This is Libby's favorite outfit for dress up. Her grandma Clark gave it to her for her birthday. She thinks she is pretty cute when she is dressed up like a princess.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It was Saturday and my friend Shelly and I were on our way to Walmart. Libby was snacking on some Almonds and peanuts in her car seat while we drove. When we pulled into the parking lot, Libby started telling me "ouchy, hurt" I went to get her from her car seat when I noticed she was pointing to her nose. I bent down to look up her nose to see what on earth would be hurting her. There sat a chunk of almond lodged just far enough in her nose that I could not reach it. She was now bawling hysterically screaming ouch. I began to get anxious as I realized I could not get it without tweezers. Shelly ran to buy tweezers from Walmart and I called my Mom to get advice on the problem as I had no idea if I should fish around in her nose with the tweezers to get it out. I was scared I might actually push it up higher. My Mom told me I would probably have to take her to the ER to have them remove it. I tried to get her to blow her nose, but it didn't work. When Shelly got back with the tweezers we tried holding Libby down to get it out, I really didn’t want to take a trip the ER. Libby was not going to let me get NEAR her nose and was certainly letting me know she was not happy about the whole situation. Finally, I decided to just go to the ER as I knew I wasn't going to get it out on my own. As I buckled her back into her car seat she calmed down and began to sniffing. I started yelling "don’t' sniff Libby, don't sniff!" It was too late. I bent over to examine the damage and I could barely make out the shape of the almond. She had sniffed it so far up her nose you could barely see it. I dropped off Shelly, picked up Dave and about 30min later we were in the ER strapping Libby to a bed so she couldn't move a muscle as the doctor and two nurses fished the Almond from her nose. Libby was bawling so hard her face was bright red and you could see fear in her eyes. I almost started to cry just wanting the doctor to hurry and get it out! The almond was getting soggy from being in her nose so long so he just kept pulling chunks of it out, but not the whole thing. When he finally got it out he held it up and started laughing. He said he could not believe how big the almond piece was and he wondered how it could fit so far up her nose. The nurses agreed they had never seen anything quite like it. Immediately after getting it out Libby was saying "all better, feel better." They unstrapped Libby and she jumped into my arms. She kept telling the doctor through her tears "thank you, all better, thank you, no more, no more" she wanted him to know she wasn’t putting stuff up her nose anymore! I hope she remembers to really not do that again! It was quite the day. The picture I have posted does not do justice to the actual size of the almond as there were chunks missing from the doctor trying to get it out, but this was the biggest piece.

Libby decided that her coloring would look much better on the kitchen wall. To her shock I did not praise her for what a pretty picture she had painted, but I gave her a rag and told her that she needed to help me clean it off the wall. She seemed to think that was fun for some reason, but when she was sent to "time out" after wards she started to re-think her future plans of graffiti.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk Or Treat

Our ward had its Trunk or Treat this past Saturday. Libby loved going from car to car. Once she relized she got candy at every car she went to, she started to literally run from car to car. She would barely slow down enough to let the people put the candy in her basket. It was pretty funny.

Libby really wanted a sucker that someone gave her but we told her she needed to wait until we got home because she makes such a mess when she eats them. She was not happy about that at all!

If you can't tell what are costumes are, Dave is a biker, Liberty is a pirate, and I am a cowgirl.

Libby helped us carve our pumpkin this year. We really thought that she would especially love when it was time to take all the seeds out, but it turns out she wanted nothing to do with it. She kept saying "to messy mama."